our technology



our technology


A E R O S air-to-water technology employs a series of filters to first purify the air. The filtered air is sucked in and chilled to extract water. The condensate formed is treated and transformed into clean drinking water.
Our technology uses a polymer heat exchanger rather than a metal one to help reduce cost. Each device is operated using a proprietary software and sensors to enhance production efficiency.

Truly GENius

Patented heat-exchange technology in all our products

At the heart of Watergen’s product line lies the unique, patented GENius heat exchange technology. It enables the air around us to turn into pure, fresh drinking water — energy efficiently.

Watergen’s technology extracts water from the air by enabling the air to move fast into the patented Genius system in a significantly short time, ensuring greater efficiency and thus using less energy.

Unique, energy-efficient heat exchange module, using condensation as a means of producing fresh water. One liter of water costs 7-15 cents, which depends on local electricity costs.

Highly scalable and customizable drinking water solution for a wide range of daily quantities, configured to any production size. By using this technology, Watergen can supply fresh, clean drinking water to an entire town or village, or it can be scaled down to supply enough premium drinking water for private homes or offices.

GENius is owned and manufactured by Watergen and protected by a patent that we’re proud of!

Our key advantages

Premium quality

drinking water


sustainable solution

Unique and




Energy efficient

and cost efficient


and autonomous

Gobal industry

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Production at

point of use

For the first time making

water from air 24/7/365 is

a true economic reality

Our technology is set not only to have a significant impact on the lives of countless people and communities around the world, but provides a solution that is both commercially available and affordable. It will also have a major economic impact on the water industry and will help solve drinking water stress in major global geographies.

Watergen’s solution is a new drinking water source for our earth. Production is at the point of use; no water transportation is needed.

As the only company in our field with mass manufacturing facilities on 3 continents, we are able to offer a reliable supply of units, for small or large orders, either from stock or made-to-meet demand. As well as reducing the lead time between order and delivery, mass production also ensures the reliability of our technology.